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22-02-2018 19:00 Bracken Indoor Worcester
01-03-2018 19:00 Bracken Indoor Worcester
08-03-2018 19:00 Bracken Indoor FITA 18 / Portsmouth
Fita 18 Full-size Face, Fita 18 Triple Faces, Portsmouth (Full Size), Portsmouth (Triple), Worcester,
15-03-2018 19:00 Bracken Indoor FITA 18 / Portsmouth
Fita 18 Full-size Face, Fita 18 Triple Faces, Portsmouth (Full Size), Portsmouth (Triple), Worcester,
18-03-2018 09:30 Beginners Course Session 1, outdoor
22-03-2018 19:00 Bracken Indoor FITA 18 / Portsmouth
Fita 18 Full-size Face, Fita 18 Triple Faces, Portsmouth (Full Size), Portsmouth (Triple), Worcester,
25-03-2018 10:00 Beginners Course Session 2, outdoor
29-03-2018 19:00 Bracken Indoor FITA 18 / Portsmouth
Fita 18 Full-size Face, Fita 18 Triple Faces, Portsmouth (Full Size), Portsmouth (Triple), Worcester,
08-04-2018 10:00 Opening Shoot and AGM, Cranborne Middle School, Wimborne, Dorset UK, BH21 5RP
National, S. National, Jnr National, S. Jnr National,
15-04-2018 09:30 Beginners Course Session 1, outdoor
15-04-2018 10:00 Osprey Triple Shoot, Osprey. Nearest Postcode DT34BU
15-04-2018 09:00 Bowmen of Lytchett Double WA720 UKRS, Lytchett
FITA 70m, FITA 60m, FITA 50m (80cm),
22-04-2018 10:00 Beginners Course Session 2, outdoor
29-04-2018 10:00 Absent Friends Shoot, Cranborne Middle School, Wimborne, Dorset UK, BH21 5RP
Western, S. Western, Jnr Western, S. Jnr Western,
06-05-2018 10:00 Wessex , Lytchett
National, S. National, Jnr National, S. Jnr National,
13-05-2018 08:45 Dorset & Wilts Archery Association , Trafalgar School Playing Fields, Downton, Wiltshire SP5 3HN
Metric I, Metric II, Metric III, Metric IV, Metric V, FITA Gents, FITA Ladies,
20-05-2018 09:30 Beginners Course Session 1, outdoor
27-05-2018 10:00 Beginners Course Session 2, outdoor
17-06-2018 09:30 Beginners Course Session 1, outdoor
24-06-2018 10:00 Beginners Course Session 2, outdoor
01-07-2018 09:00 40th Annual Owl Trophy Tournament UKRS, Lytchett
New Western, L. Western, Western, S. Western, Jnr Western, S. Jnr Western,
08-07-2018 08:30 7th Annual Double WA 70m (non record status), Cranborne Middle School, Wimborne, Dorset UK, BH21 5RP
FITA 70m, FITA 60m, FITA 50m (80cm), Metric 122-50, Metric 122-40, Metric 122-30,
15-07-2018 10:00 Blue Lion, Bournemouth Sports Club
St George, Albion, Windsor, S. Windsor, Jnr Windsor, S. Jnr Windsor,
09-09-2018 09:00 Macmillan Caring Locally Charity Shoot and Coffee Morning, Cranborne Middle School, Wimborne, Dorset UK, BH21 5RP
L. Metric I, L. Metric II, L. Metric III, L. Metric IV, L. Metric V,
16-09-2018 10:00 Closing Shoot and Bring and Share Lunch, Cranborne Middle School, Wimborne, Dorset UK, BH21 5RP
National, S. National, Jnr National, S. Jnr National,

Members Posts

14-02-2018 08:53
Up to 6 Old straw bosses are for sale. If interested in one, please contact a committee member.

Posted By Ralph Wood

05-02-2018 08:33
The club has some 'H frame' boss stands to sell for £10 each. Contact Ralph or any committee member.

Posted By Ralph Wood

19-01-2018 07:33
I will be up the field, weather permitting, on Saturday around 9:30 until about 12.

Posted By Simon Ferrari

19-01-2018 07:05
Sorry I will not be at the field this Saturday 20 th February to open up

Posted By John Witty

21-12-2017 23:56
I will be up the field this Saturday 23rd Dec from 10am. DJ

Posted By Diane Jolliffe

24-11-2017 16:07
I will be up the field Saturday 25 th from 9:00AM JW

Posted By John Witty

06-11-2017 14:24
A reminder that there is no indoor this THURSDAY 9TH NOVEMBER re nothing shown in Upcoming Events. Just in case.

Posted By Andy Fisher

21-09-2017 21:47
Hi members, I am going to order some more club clothes. If anyone would like anything, please can you let me know in the next week. Thank you. Di

Posted By Diane Jolliffe

10-09-2017 18:09
Bracken Archers a big thank you for all the toil and more toil put into todays Macmillan Locally shoot.It is good to see all pull together. Andy

Posted By Andy Fisher

04-09-2017 13:23
Club members who have cakes or raffle prizes for the Macmillan shoot please bring along on the day. Thank you Andy

Posted By Andy Fisher

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Latest News

04-02-2018 Opening Shoot & AGM 8th April 2018
Book the date in your diaries! Opening shoot followed by bring and share lunch and the AGM at Cranborne village hall. Your club needs your support at the AGM- important issues such as electing committee members and setting membership fees need to be decided, so turn up and have your say! The committee is always looking for extra help, so please have a chat with existing committee members and find out how you can get involved. Many hands make light work!

19-01-2018 Sunday Shooting 21-Jan
Unfortunately, as no key holders appear to be available and many archers are shooting at the Bournemouth indoor competition, it doesn't look like there will be anyone there on Sunday to allow shooting. Apologies for the inconvenience, next Sunday should be business as usual.

14-01-2018 Planned Beginners Courses 2018. Support Required
Hello All Bracken Archers, Planned Beginners Courses 2018. Support required. Beginners Courses in 2018 are following the same format as in 2017. The provisional dates for the first four are as follows: B1: Sunday 18th and Sunday 25th March B2: Sunday 15th and Sunday 22nd April B3: Sunday 20th and Sunday 27th May B4: Sunday 17th and Sunday 24th June. I realise that these dates are some time in the future. However there is a need to set the dates so we can notify our beginners on the waiting list. There will be a coach leading each course. The more archers from the club that can support each course the larger the number of beginners we can accommodate. As well as directly supporting beginners, there are other things to do, such as: Setting up the field; getting out and setting up bosses and equipment; greeting beginners; socialising with beginners over the lunch period; helping to clear away field and carefully pack away equipment at the end of the session. Please

12-01-2018 Shooting Sunday 21st Jan
A number of key/code holders will be attending the Bournemouth indoor competition on this day. If you are a key/code holder and can be field captain for the morning please can you let me know so we can confirm if any shooting is able to take place at the field. Thanks, Simon

05-01-2018 Correction to the Worcester Competition article...
The date of the Worcester competition is 1st March. Simon

05-01-2018 Plans for Jan-Apr 2018 Indoor Shooting
Happy New Year everyone! The proposal is to continue with WA18/Portsmouth rounds until February when we'll change to Worcester rounds for 4 weeks followed by a Worcester competition on 1st April (best score on the night, no handicaps). Thereafter, for the remainder of the indoor season, members can shoot their preferred target including the selection of "other" faces eg. Vegas. Simon

10-12-2017 Indooor Championship 13/12 Reminder
Just a reminder that Wednesday (13th Dec) is the Club's Indoor Championship evening (moved from Thursday). We shall be shooting a Portsmouth round with sighters starting at 7:30pm. It may not be possible for anyone to do a single detail, we will need to see how numbers are on the night. The individual handicaps achieved over the season to-date will be applied to the scores on the night to determine the recipients of the awards for best recurve, longbow/barebow and compound. There will also be a most improved archer award. All members are welcome although to be eligible for an award you must have submitted scores at least 3 indoor rounds this season. Simon

24-11-2017 Indoor Shooting 14-Dec.
Please note that due to the school requiring the hall on 14/12 we are moving the shoot to 13/12. This will be the night of the Bracken Indoor Championship, all rounds will be shot on Portsmouth faces. Thanks, Simon

23-11-2017 Urgent news regarding the DWAA
The DWAA urgently need to appoint a Chairman and Secretary in order to avoid the dissolution of the association. Please seriously consider standing for one of these posts. Their next committee meeting is on Tuesday Dec 5th, Salisbury Tesco Meeting Room, 7.30pm, all welcome.

09-11-2017 Development Group 2018?
Development Group 2018? Hello Archers, I am considering whether or not to run another development group from January 2018. I am interested to know of anyone that would like to be included. The sessions would be on Tuesday evening between 6:30 - 10:00. I need expressions of interest to see the possible interest (email me, or comment on Bracken Facebook page post). I am also interested to receive feedback on the current sessions format and content, so that if I do run another group, I know what has worked and what I can change for the better. Archers can comment on the Facebook post, or personal message me. I am conscious that I serve the interest of recurve archers the best. However, archers with other bow types seem to be enjoying the group and are making good progress. Therefore I need to consider the balance of a future group. I won't be running a group over the Summer period, however it is very likely that I would wish to run a group in the Autumn next year. Er

05-11-2017 Xmas Fun Shoot
Members are encouraged to design and create a Xmas themed target face for our Xmas Fun Shoot which will be held on on 17-Dec. To enter collect a new full size target face next time you are at the field and use the back of that to create your masterpiece. Bear in mind that ideally the design needs to be visible from 20 yards and should have scoring areas clearly marked. To be consistent please have the scoring values ranging from -10 points to +10 points. A prize will be given for the best target face in the judge's opinion and the best score in various bow types. Shooting will start at 10am but please be there by 9:30am to help setup. Festive clothing is suggested! Let me know if there are any questions. Simon

01-11-2017 Christmas meal
Please can I remind you all that we need your food orders and monies for our Christmas meal, on or before 5th November. Please can you give these to Ralph or myself. Thank you. Diane

22-10-2017 Club Rules
Hi Archers, A couple of months ago the committee reviewed the club rules and agreed a number of updates, the new rules can be found on the Community/Downloads page under Club Procedures. Please read and ensure you are familiar with them. Thanks, Simon

22-10-2017 Macmillan Caring Locally Cheque Presentation
This will take place at the indoor shoot on 2/11 about 7pm so we'll need to be setup a little earlier that night. If possible please come dressed in club colours for the photo. Thanks, Simon

At the club ground on Sunday 15/10/17 will be asking those club members in attendance what they would like to shoot. Assistance will be required to set up which ever is chosen.

12-10-2017 Buddy Scheme
A few weeks ago, we talked about our new 'Buddy Scheme' to help our new members integrate into the club, after their beginners course. If you would like to be a 'Buddy' please can you let me know. Thank you. Di

11-10-2017 Bracken Christmas meal
Further to Simon's post about our Christmas meal, please can you fill out your menu and return it with your money, to Ralph or myself, before 5th November. The time is 7pm for 7.30pm on Friday 15th December at The Swans in Verwood. Thank you. Di

07-10-2017 Bracken Xmas Meal
The Bracken Xmas Meal will be on 15th December at The Swans in Verwood (time TBC). The menu and a sign-up sheet will be at the field/school for the next few weeks. Simon

01-10-2017 21/01/2018 Bournemouth A/C Open Indoor Canford School
Please visit Bournemouth Archery Clubs web site to down load entry form for further information. A very friendly shoot. If any further assistance required please ask at the club on a Sunday morning, Thursday evening.

21-09-2017 Development Group
The first session is Tuesday 3rd October 2017 at Waldorf School. The hall should be available from 6:30pm for those that can get there around that time to help with the set up. Members of the group are: Ernie Hamp, John Mahany, John Witty, Simon Ferarri, Sharon Ferarri, Shaun Houghton, Liz Howdle, Luke Howdle, Tony Shoulders. There are 12 Tuesday Sessions at £2 a session for Bracken Members. However I would like to collect an initial £20, as it is likely that members of the group may not be able to attend all sessions, or the Waldorf School may want to use the Hall. If we get all 12 sessions in, there may or may not be an extra £4 to pay. Norman Davies will be joining us on a session by session basis, as his personal commitments mean he can't do many of the sessions. Please let me know if you can't attend a session, as there may be other archers that would want to fill your spot. For non Bracken Members the cost is £5 a session. Two of the coaches from Bra

11-09-2017 DWAA AGM
The AGM for Dorset & Wiltshire Archery Association is to be held on the Sunday 8th October at Tesco Extra - Community Room, The Bourne Centre, Southampton Road, Salisbury SP1 2NY. As is the usual convention all posts are up for re-election but they will be looking to elect officers to the following vacant positions: Secretary, Tournament Officer, County Coaching Officer, Junior Team manager, Junior Records Officer.

06-09-2017 Masonic Charitable Foundation
Thank you to everyone who voted for Macmillan Caring Locally to receive funds from the MCF Community Awards- they have been awarded £15,000!

01-09-2017 Extra Beginners Course
I am currently seeking help to run another beginners course either on 24/9/17 + 1/10/17 or on 16/9/17 + 23/9/17. Please contact Ralph if you are able and willing to help on either sets of dates.

29-08-2017 Development Group 'Expressions of Interest' now open
Anyone interested in joining this group please contact Eric, either by commenting on the Facebook post, emailing or in person. 'Expressions of Interest' will remain open until the Closing Shoot. If the group is over subscribed, names will be drawn out of the hat at the bring and share lunch following the Closing Shoot.

13-08-2017 No Shooting Thursday (17/8)
Please note we were informed today that there will be workmen on the field this Thursday and therefore that evenings shooting is cancelled. We have been offered Friday evening as an alternative. As a reminder we have use of the field all Wednesday. If any keyholders plan to shoot on Wednesday or Friday then they will post under members Posts on the website and/or on the Facebook page. Simon

11-08-2017 Recurve Seminar at Supermarine
This year DWAA have organised a Recurve Seminar at Supermarine in Swindon. previous year's events have been well attended by Bracken members. You can see the entry from on our Facebook site.
Attachment: image.jpeg

27-07-2017 Junior County Team Selection 2017
The competition on 2nd September at Purbeck Sports Centre is open to all junior archers, even if not on the team. Any juniors selected for the team will have their entry fee refunded. If you would like to be on the team please email the following information to the Junior Team Manager before 13/8/2017: -Juniors Name -Parents Name -Contact phone number for week ending 20th Aug to confirm your place on the team. -Age including date of birth -Archery GB membership number. -Bow Style -Your scores from this season Bristol or Metric Rounds, Dates shot and Competition Location. -Any special dietary requirements Any questions please contact Laura Harding, Junior Team Manager, via email at

27-07-2017 Wessex Shoot
The Wessex Shoot will be held on Sunday 3rd September at Purbeck Sports Centre. Further details to follow shortly.

26-07-2017 Target Day Sunday (30/7)
This Sunday will be a Target Day, this is an opportunity for members to shoot the designated distances and their scores to count towards their Archery GB classification achievements, have the opportunity to set a Club Record and to introduce new members to the process of competition shooting. The distances on Sunday will be WA70m, 60m & 50m (6 dozen arrows) or a WA 25m (5 dozen arrows). If you wish to participate please come prepared to set-up your targets at 9:30 to allow a prompt 10am start. Please remember, if you are taking part then no practise arrows are allowed before the official practise period and unfortunately no latecomers will be able to participate. Ralph will be your host and for new members everything will be explained on the morning. If you do not wish to participate then please ensure you have your target set-up before 10am to avoid interrupting those who are taking part. Good Luck! Simon

26-07-2017 Wednesday Shooting Now Open
Starting next Wednesday, 2/8, through to 30/8 between 9am and 9pm we have the use of the Cranborne field subject to a key holder being able to provide access to the equipment. Could I therefore ask any key holders who plan to attend to publish this in the Members Posts on the website and add a comment to the Facebook Wednesday Shooting post. Thanks, Simon

22-07-2017 Development Group
We have booked 12 sessions on Tuesday evenings at the Waldorf School between 3rd October and 19th December, to be run by Eric. These are aimed at archers who wish to have a regular session of concentrating on form developments. Archers may have recently completed their beginners course, have years of experience, or be anywhere in between. The sessions are focused on shooting well and developing shot execution. There are to up to 10 places at a cost of £2 per session for Bracken Archers, and £5 a session for visitors. Charges may be adjusted as the funding base changes in the future. Places in the group will be open at a date to be announced in September. Initially 4 places are to be reserved for archers who complete their beginners courses in Summer 2017 and join Bracken Company of Archers. Therefore 6 places are available for existing Bracken members. If there are more than 10 members wishing to join the development group, a waiting list will be created. For further informa

20-07-2017 Buddy Program
We are introducing a Buddy program, to help new members to integrate into our club. New members completing a beginner’s course will be offered a buddy Buddies are not coaches and are not expected to coach new members but may assist a new member by:  Agreeing dates and times to be at the field to support the new member  Introducing the new member to other archers at the field  Helping the new member to set up their bow and check equipment before shooting  Helping the member to take the bow apart and put it away at the end of shooting  Reiterating safety rules and archery etiquette  Staying with/shooting with the new member for a few ends and return occasionally whilst they are shooting to make sure they are ok  Showing the new member where all the equipment is kept (hut/container/shed)  Helping the new member to set up/take down a target  Exchanging contact details so that any changes to planned dates/times can be communicated FAQ’s How lo

16-07-2017 Beginners Course
On 20/8/17 and on 3/9/17 will be the clubs next beginners course, which is being led by Malcolm. We are very short of helpers for both days, and we are in danger of having to reduce the number of places (even though we already have a few on the waiting list). If you can help on either or both days, please contact Ralph or Malcolm.

07-07-2017 Competition Set Up and Support
Just a reminder to members that Saturday morning (or however long it takes!) will be dedicated to setting up the field for Sunday's competition, please come and provide some support, even an hour of your time is appreciated. We are aiming to start around 9am. Afterwards the field will be available for practise. Sunday will be the competition so there is no shooting unless you are taking part. Again, we would appreciate any help at the end of the competition (probably/hopefully around 4-5pm) to put everything away. If you can spare some time during the day then help in the refreshment tent is also appreciated. Thanks! Simon

25-06-2017 Lytchett Owl Competition 25/6/17
Well done Bracken Team in today's medal count. Arthur with first in Longbow, Andy second in recurve, Ralph third in recurve. As well as Ralph getting best Gold in recurve.

16-06-2017 Saturday Shooting - 17th June 2017
I am planning to be at the field between 9:30 and lunchtime. I am doing some coaching with Hayden and a visitor from Portland. If you are at the field and you want some support, please ask and I will fit you in if I have time. Posted by Eric

15-06-2017 Equipment For Sale
Please see Bracken Company of Archers Facebook site.

15-06-2017 Introducing Club Records
A record sheet showing the highest scoring archer in each gender and age, in each bow type and each round. We have numerous ways that scores are collated on our Website. Archers can look at scores from previous internal and open shoots both indoors and outdoors, or their own personal record and get a sense of their progression over the years. One thing that is not available is a record sheet showing the highest scoring archer in each gender and age, in each bow type and each round. We are introducing club records starting from Tuesday 20th June 2017. Any scores submitted before this date are not eligible for inclusion. Scores can be shot at organised Club Shoots, Target Days, Bracken Members shooting at organised shoots elsewhere (with the submission of the published scores sheet). We will be asking the Webmaster to incorporate club records into our website. Until that is available a spreadsheet will be kept containing details. Eric Bell Coaching Coordinator

15-06-2017 Club Target Days
We are in going to trial increasing the number of Club Target Days. From Tuesday 20th June and for a trial period until the end of August, Club Target Days will be every Tuesday evening commencing at 6pm and Sunday commencing at 10am. This gives members the opportunity of shooting a round, and using this score to inform their classification and/or handicap, or achieving club records. Archers participating in scoring a round are responsible for setting up their own bosses. The Rules of Shooting apply, sighters/practice will only be shot after assembly. Target Days will be alongside normal shooting. Eric Bell Coaching Coordinator.

07-06-2017 MacMillan Local Shoot 10/9/2017
DWAA have agreed to sponsor some trophies for this shoot. Remember to get your entry form in, and also consider helping on the day.

22-04-2017 Absent Friends Shoot - 7th May
Don't forget the Absent Friends Shoot is on Sunday the 7th of May. Information and the target list are available on the website. If you haven't got your name down there is still time to apply. There will be a working party on Saturday 6th from 9am to setup the field ready for the Sunday. All help is welcome.

Archery in East Dorset

The Bracken Company of Archers is located on the grounds of Cranborne Middle School, Wimborne, Dorset UK, BH21 5RP, in east Dorset. We shoot on Sunday mornings and during the summer months, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. During the school summer holdidays we also have the ability to shoot all day on Wednesdays. In the winter, we also shoot indoors on Thursday evenings.

Target Archery for All the Family

Bracken Group Shot We are a target archery club and membership is divided into seniors and juniors. We operate a Junior Ribbon Award Scheme to encourage our young archers to progress. Many Juniors have been through the improvement scheme and several have gone on to represent not only the county but their country. We have also recently introduced an Adult 252 Ribbon Award Scheme to encourage our senior archers to improve their performance. More about us >>

Longbow, Recurve or Compound?

Our members shoot the 3 most popular types of bow being:

  • Longbow: The modern descendant of the classic english longbow
  • Recurve bow: The type of bow used in Olympic archery
  • Compound bow: A recent design of bow that uses cams and pulleys to give a mechanical advantage and hence great accuracy

How Far Can You Shoot?

In competition we shoot any distance from 15 metres up to 100 yards. More about the rules and etiquette of archery can be found in the downloads section of the website.